At Saman Bakery, we believe simplicity delivers more than anything.

Chocolate Macaroons – (no wheat flour)




Sometimes, simplicity just delivers more than anything. These addictive traditional Chocolate Macaroons have such simple recipes; you will be blown away by the purity of the ingredients. This will be a great complement with your coffee, tea, milk or dessert.











Marzipan Macaroon




Almond, Egg White, Sugar, Pistachio Garnish













Coconut Macaroons – (no wheat flour)



Coconut, Egg white, Sugar, Butter, Lemon Juice














Walnut Macaroons

















Chickpea cookie


Chickpea cookie is one of the most popular cookies in Persian traditional confectionaries. These fragile cookies absolutely impress your senses by their aromatic scent of rose water and the mellow sweet taste in the premium roasted chickpea powder as it melts very quickly as soon as it reaches your mouth.