Saman Bakery (or Saaman Bakery as our local Persian community refers to us) was founded on the North Shore in Vancouver, BC in 2004. Since our modest beginnings our enchanting breads have stayed true to the traditional preparation and baking methods of authentic Persia. We take pride in creating our small dough batches with premium ingredients that ensure attention to detail and exact processes.

By working with just our hands, and rarely a mechanical device, our breads come alive. The end result is beautifully baked bread worthy of our forefathers yet delectable to enjoy today!

Baked fresh daily, our breads are also delivered to your favorite local store daily. This is Saman Bakery’s freshness guarantee – for your peace of mind and complete edible enjoyment. Is there a store that you wish you could purchase Saman Bakery products? Click here to let us know and we’ll look into this for you!

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