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Saman Bakery Inc.

Saman Bakery (or Saaman Bakery as our local Persian community refers to us) was founded on the North Shore in Vancouver, BC in 2004. Since our modest beginnings our enchanting breads have stayed true to the traditional preparation and baking methods of authentic Persia. We take pride in creating our small dough batches with premium ingredients that ensure attention to detail and exact processes.


PrintWe have gone the extra mile to show our customers that we care about food safety. You can take it from the BRC Global Standards Team. Turns out Saman Bakery qualifies for the highest standards set for our industry. BRC Global Standards Team provides food safety guidelines and quality certification for a variety of industries around the world and BRC is the most extensive and most complete certification to achieve.


At Saman Bakery, we pay close attention to your expectations whether you are a walk-in customer or a wholesaler customer, and we are constantly striving to be amongst the best bakeries rated based on quality of our service and products. We have strong ties to the Middle East, but our treats appeal to all nationalities. We love sharing our delicious products with everyone who walks through our door, and every day, we look forward to bringing a smile to the faces of old friends and first-time customers.